An Open Letter to Triage Travelers: Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe 2017 is already here. Whatever feelings the last 12 months have brought you, 2016 is gone and we’re looking forward to the possibilities a new year holds. We are sure it will bring greatness due in large part to the connections we’ve made with our new and tenured travelers.

This post is going to be a little different than most others. We’ve been getting a lot of valued feedback from our travelers and we can’t help but be proud, not just of ourselves, but also of them. Which is why we’re dedicating the blog to our Triage Travelers: the service we provide for you wouldn’t be possible if you didn’t bring so much to the table!

We’re so thrilled with our traveling medical professionals that we decided to make this one all about you and why we’re so thankful to be joining a new year with you on our team. Why do we love our travelers? For endless reasons! But here are a few examples…

1. You strive for professional greatness!

As a traveling medical professional, you’ve already decided to challenge yourself and your skills. This isn’t an easy job and because it’s full of surprises, it’s near impossible to ever get “used to” being on the road. Yet, here you are, always looking forward to the next assignment, excited for a new opportunity to help more people around the country. Tatiana, for example, isn’t deterred by difficult contracts or working with her recruiter to be placed in one. We love that Tatiana and many of our other travelers are inspired by challenge and work for success. Your determination gives us determination.

“I could not find a more compassionate, hard working, and friendly recruiter if I searched the whole world over! Todd T [my recruiter] works extremely hard at securing nearly impossible contracts for me and is always striving to do more for me. He listens to what I want and need in a contract and delivers above and beyond! I am so very impressed with my recruiter and friend, Todd. I would, and have, referred him to my best friends in the traveling world. Thanks, Todd, for making my experience as a traveling nurse with Triage so wonderful!” -Tatiana Joseph

2. You have big plans for your life and you achieve them.

The life of a medical traveler just isn’t for everyone. You need a sense of adventure and excitement for meeting people of any and every background. Some might see the traveling life as a barrier to achieving personal development. Our travelers are proving them wrong. The job is hard, but it isn’t void of personal success. In fact, one of our travelers, Kyle, has been working with our team for 10 years and has still seen amazing achievements in his personal life.

“I have been fortunate enough to work with Triage since the beginning 10 years ago. David Proffitt has been a great friend and recruiter who has worked with me from just out of school, through getting married, and now into a relocation with our first child.He has always been able to find a way to make my career and my life work for each other. I wouldn’t recommend any other company, Triage is the best.” -Kyle Leif

3. You are amazing at communication.

Many of our travelers have said how great it is to have a recruiter who checks in on their progress and satisfaction. It’s important to us that we keep our travelers happy and well taken care of, so check-ins are nothing short of mandatory for our peace of mind. What makes them so useful, though, is your ability to be honest with us. How can we solve issues you’re experiencing if we don’t know they exist? We value communication, but it’s your ability to articulate that makes us better as a medical staffing agency.

“Triage was the first company I traveled with as a RN and 2 years later I am still with them. Jason S. was great to work with as a brand new traveler. He answered all my questions and helped me so I could be successful with my first assignment. It’s a great company.” -Ilana Bettenbrock

For every wonderful thing you’ve said about our team, we have a rebuttal. We’ll happily claim some of the glory, but it’s all because of you and who you are that Triage has seen this success. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We are so proud to call you part of the Triage family.

Feel a little left out? Don’t worry! We have more room for you and your talents on our team. You’re only 30 seconds away from a medical traveling career at Triage.