​October is National Physical Therapy Month!

Every year the month of October has been dedicated to help celebrate physical therapy and raise awareness of the roles within the field and their dedication to their patients by helping them decrease pain, improve mobility and engage in a healthy lifestyle. These professionals transform society by restoring and improving motion in the lives of their patients.

What you may not know is this celebration was first started in 1981, was only a week long and in June. (We agree, a week is certainly not long enough to dedicate to this amazing field of workers.) It was then switched to October and was designated as the month to recognize and observe this profession and line of work. This October, the APTA has launched the #AgeWell campaign as the theme for this National Physical Therapy Month. This campaign is to help adults understand the importance of healthy aging and focus on the 9 aspects that will help them do so.

Mark your calendars for October 17 to support the Global PT Day of Service!

We, here at Triage, support all of the men and women movement experts that dedicate their lives to making and improving motion for others. We appreciate the chance to work with and help place some of the finest physical therapists and physical therapist assistants around. Thank you for all that you do and the opportunity for us to help you spread your expertise and knowledge!

In honor of the month, here are 5 significant facts about physical therapy and the industry you may not know!

1. Physical therapy accounts for an estimated $26.6 billion, approximately 90%, of all outpatient rehabilitation spending.

2. The Physical Therapists industry employs about 428,605 people in the United States.

3. Although many physical therapists practice in a hospital, more than 80% practice in other settings like outpatient clinics, schools/preschools, wellness/sports/fitness centers, etc.

4. Physical therapy has the ability to cure vertigo, sometimes in one visit.

5. The physical therapy industry is projected to have a 2.2% annual increase in growth.