6 New Year Resolutions for Traveling Medical Pros

The New Year is on its way and, for many individuals, that means it’s time to commit to a resolution that will hopefully help them become a better version of themselves. It can be anything from spending more time with loved ones, to eating less potato chips or getting in more gym time! If you are a traveling medical professional, though, and want to pick up a worthy resolution that will benefit your work life, consider one of these helpful suggestions:

1. Give Back to the Community.

As a medical professional, you are in the position to help others in a way that most people cannot. Next year, consider spending your off time giving back to the community. Communities are always looking for volunteers in the medical field to do home checks, screenings, and wellness evaluations for those who can’t afford to get a check-up. Donating your time and valued talent can help save lives, and you get a little boost of feel good energy.

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2. Stay Healthy!

Let’s face it. It isn’t easy to eat healthy on 12-hour shifts—you get busy at work and lose track of time. Eating healthier takes motivation and dedication. This year, plan and prepare your meals in advance to improve your health at work and in your home life.

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3. Advance Your Career

The world of medicine is always changing which means there is always something new to learn to enhance your career. Take certification courses or classes to make sure you are the best medical pro you can be! Today, nurses can go online and work towards a graduate degree during their off hours or get certified in a specific field. Bonus! As a traveling medical professional, you have more free time for clinicals in between travel assignments too.

4.  Meet New People

After a few assignments, you may be feeling a little less interested in actively meeting new people. Don’t let this happen to you! Instead, make your New Year’s resolution to be more adventurous, get to know the ins and outs of your city, and why not make a new friend to explore with you! Plenty of our medical professionals have met life-long friends and even met their partners on traveling assignments.

5. Keep an Open Mind

There are plenty of cities all over the country in need of healthcare professionals and some are in places most people haven’t even considered as a travel destination. Don’t let a city you’ve never heard of deter you from making it one of your next assignments! There are always new places to discover and people to meet all over the country. Smaller cities can mean more relaxation during the workweek and adventures during days off.

6. Explore a New Hobby

Did you know the hobby industry is worth $18 billion? Get out of your comfort zone and find a new hobby that can lead you to meeting new people. Try joining a local softball team, gym or yoga class. If those don’t interest you, branch out and find a pottery class or take up hiking. If you’re having trouble finding a hobby, here are some options to explore.

Only 8% of people actually keep their New Year’s resolution. This year, make an actionable resolution that you know can keep. Start by planning it now!