New Assignment? Old Friends? Travel Better with These Apps!

Being away from family on the holidays is hard, and working in a new city can be tough (but very lucrative) over the holidays. For traveling medical professionals, these apps can be a lifesaver when they need to get from Point A to Point B.

The Top 5 Travel Apps for Medical Professionals!

1. Uber

What is Uber? Uber is essentially an
independent cab service with a driver you can text & catch a ride on demand. The app lets you contact an Uber driver at any time (*as long as there are drivers on duty) so you can easily hitch a ride. You can download Uber on both your iOS and android mobile devices for free.

GO: Upon signing up for the app, Uber offers your first ride for free.

*Uber isn’t available everywhere so check the area on your app to see if there are available drivers before completely relying on the app. Not available? Try Lyft.

STOP: Certain times/hours are more expensive than others, you can be charged more during peak traffic times.

2. Embark

This master mass transit system is an absolute lifesaver when navigating city transit systems.
Embark has many transit system schedules in their database, simply download the app and look up the transit system you wish to use. No more waiting or flat out missing the boat/train/bus/submarine. This app is free on all iOS devices

GO: Embark notifies you when the train or bus is running late.

STOP: Embark only encompasses a limited number of cities and transit systems.

3. Car2Go

This app allows you to rent a car for relatively short amounts of time. This is a great option if your family won’t pick you up from the airport! Aren’t they sweet? This app is free for android and Apple devices.

GO: Car2Go lets you rent a car for as little as an hour at a time, leaving you free time to explore without the stresses of having a car for the entire day.

STOP: This is not a sensible longer term driving method for your travel stay, it’s cheap to rent for a couple of hours or a day, but in terms of the longer stays, look into an actual car rental service.

4. CityBikes

The active traveler’s forte. Want to get in a workout while visiting your hometown? Check out
CityBikes, they are a bike sharing network that both shows you where & how to get a bike. This app can also be a viable resource for those who need a break from their families or want to work off that Turkey.

GO: Explore the scenic trails of the city you’re in

STOP: CityBikes is not offered in every city, and is only available for android devices.

5. Transit App

This app is the mother of all helpful travel apps. The
Transit app does literally everything Uber, Car2go, bike sharing, as well as having schedules of all mass transit systems similar to Embark. Transit not only holds all of these capabilities but also, highlights the best option for the area you are in.

GO: The Transit app cover 99 metro areas, and is available for free on both iOS and android systems.

STOP: The transit app may not cover all metro areas, you may have to download a separate app Roadify Transit to find your specific location. Roadify Transit is only available on iOS systems.

Whether you’re working in a new location over the holidays (
see why here) or planning on heading home, cut down on your frustration and time spent configuring a ride home with these helpful apps so you can spend more time with your family (at least we hope!)