We’re Giving Away Something Major to Say Thanks to Traveling Medical Professionals

We love our traveling medical staff like family! So, as the season of being grateful approaches us (which should be every season if it was up to us) we want to show our gratitude to traveling medical professionals. Can you guess how we’re doing it? We’ll give you a hint:

Sunny skies, crisp tropical air, sand between your toes…. That’s right, we’re giving away not one, not two, but THREE trips to Mexico to show how much we truly appreciate traveling medical professionals!

Going the Extra Mile…Literally

Medical travelers go all over from coast to coast and everywhere in between. They are up for the challenges that face each one of them and are not afraid to take it head-on. They quite literally go the extra mile when traveling, after long weeks on assignment they continue to persevere.

Not only do medical travelers go the distance in miles but while on the job too. As a traveling medical professional, you have to jump into whatever crisis is happening at that time. Not to mention building relationships quickly with your fellow staff. You are willing to take care of patients as if they’ve been in your life for years. Your kindness, ability to adapt and the countless hours of time that you put in, are just a couple of the reasons why you DESERVE a holiday getaway!

Balance and Relaxation

Anybody who works in the medical field knows the stress and responsibility that weighs on their shoulders, coupled with the expectation that they remain calm and relaxed. For traveling medical pros, they face all that and more as they leave their families for long periods of time and travel long distances. We are here to tell you it does not go unnoticed!

We want to thank all of you, we applaud you for staying cool, calm and collected. Since our travelers give so much of their time away, we figured it’s only fair to give you the chance to win a holiday Mexico trip for TWO this season!

Giving Your Work Everything You Have and More

Traveling all over the country and hospital hopping isn’t as easy as one might think. Trust us, we understand it’s not the glamorous jet-setting life. But it is a rewarding job, and one like no other. Knowing that you make a difference in your patients’ lives, their families, and at your hospital or facility is priceless. The amount of gratitude we have for our staff, fellow travelers and medical pros is undeniable. We understand that our Triage family has earned and deserves a sunny day in paradise.

At Triage, we strive to get you the best traveling medical jobs out there and we aren’t just your team, we are your family. We’re here for you 24/7 and this giving season has us feeling so grateful for our travelers!

How can you qualify for our giveaway?

  • Must sign a contract (new or extension) between 10/30/17 and 12/1/17
  • Minimum 13-week assignment
  • Must work 400 hours

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