Meet Debbie Crough: Our First Apple Watch Winner!

(Left) Jerade Bragg RT (RT) , (Middle) Betty Ferrell RN , (Right) Chelsea Crough RN

Debbie Crough RN (Front and Center)

Congratulations to Debbie Crough, our first Apple Watch winner and member of the Triple Crown Club!

A Little About Debbie

Debbie is a Cardiac Cath Lab nurse, currently on assignment outside of Chicago, Illinois. She decided to start nursing school when she was 35 years old and has been in love with her career ever since. One of her favorite parts of being a traveling nurse isn’t necessarily the medicine, but the fact that there is nothing like helping make someone better and seeing the appreciation in their face and hearing the sincerity in their voice when they say thank you for her part in helping them.

Her Story

In April of 2012, Debbie was referred to Triage by a long time employee. She fell in love with traveling and has worked uninterrupted with us ever since. She says that she became a travel nurse because she loves traveling the country and meeting new people, as well as coming across all of the different cultures throughout the regions in the U.S. Her husband is a teacher, and she says he gets the opportunity to join her when school isn’t in session. She even keeps in contact with many co-workers that she’s met while on assignment that have become good friends of hers.

When we asked Debbie what her favorite assignment has been throughout the years, she said she’s loved all of them! But if she had to choose, it was when she had the opportunity to go back to Jupiter, Florida, where she’s from, and spend time with her mother, tour the city and see the old sites, as well as work in a career she loves. If there was any assignment in which she had to take a permanent position, it would be where she is currently located. Her contract there started in March of this year and she plans to stay with an extended contract until March of next year. THAT’S how much she loves Chicago!

Debbie <3s Triage

In the time Debbie has been with Triage, she has referred 8 people to us! She loves the awesome recruiter/traveler relationship she gets with our company and knows she can call her recruiter whenever she has a problem. Her recruiter, Erik Mockelstrom, has talked her through problems when she needs help, or talked her down when it’s time to be rational. She says the fact that she knows her recruiter will be honest with her is one of the best feelings in the world. This is why she sends so many people to Triage, even her two daughters!

That’s right, Debbie’s two daughters are travelers with us, as well! And they are indeed, Cardiac Nurses like their mother. Debbie says that if she didn’t know Triage would take care of her own daughters, she would not have referred them to us.

Fun fact: Debbie has got the opportunity to work with her two daughters on assignments before! They aren’t allowed to call her Mom at the hospital, though. Right now, she is currently helping her youngest daughter plan her upcoming wedding. Yay!

We’d like to congratulate Debbie Crough for being a loyal Triage employee and on her Apple Watch win! (She says the feature she’s most excited for is the health aspects it has, naturally.)
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