Four Keys to Developing a Performance Mindset

It’s no secret that your mindset, the way you think, can significantly impact your effectiveness on the job. Writing about the topic back in 2011, Psychologist Jim Taylor noted that understanding and improving a “performance mindset” was a critical factor in increased productivity, profitability, and performance.

With that in mind, we’d like to discuss a few elements that can help you boost that performance mindset. There are four key areas you can focus on that will help you make them most of your upcoming assignments: 

Master a performance mindset with four key tactics @TriageStaff
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Is it possible for you to complete the duties of your assignment without a measure of passion? Certainly, but the experience won’t be nearly as fulfilling. Passion, defined by Psychology today as an “inclination or desire to do something one likes to do or thinks is important to do,” is paramount to keeping yourself uplifted when others in your position may falter.

Passion provides you with fuel to focus and achieve, and can even help you develop a deeper connection with the patients you serve, as you’ll be more motivated to make a difference in their lives. Be sure to write down the aspects you love about each new assignment to help keep that fire burning and keep you on the path toward success.


Hard work and effort translate to achievement more often than not. Know that, while you will have bad days from time to time, how you respond to those less-than-stellar moments is what will help you overcome.

If you throw in the towel at the first sign of trouble, you’ll likely doom yourself to failure. If instead, you take a step back, reassess, and come back to a challenge with a fresh perspective, you’ll enjoy a higher rate of success. To facilitate this, write down your goals and refer to them, as well as the list of things you love about the new assignment, any time you feel the job has you a bit shaken.



“No man is an island,” the popular saying goes. The idea is that, no matter how competent and capable you are, there will come times where you need to lean on others for support. There’s no shame in doing so either, as it will boost your chances of weathering any career related “storms” that come your way.

Work to be a part of a welcoming and inclusive community. Making friends with your coworkers while on assignment will help you grow the kind of support system you’ll need to achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.


The healthcare industry continues to evolve, and to keep pace with those changes, you’ll do well to evolve with it. Continuing education is key to maintaining your edge and ensuring you can stay competitive within the field.

You might find said education from formal sources, like registering for advanced courses on particular topics. You might also find it from more informal sources, like talking with colleagues and checking out current medical articles. Regardless of the exact source, though, be sure to continually probe for knowledge wherever you might find it so you can stay on the path of improvement.

Cultivating a performance mindset can help you do your best while on assignment; Triage Staffing is all about helping you focus on the individual elements that will aid in that pursuit. Be sure to check out our allied and travel nurse jobs to learn more about the opportunities we have available.