March Madness – 2018

Happy NCAA day!! You know what day it is; it’s the start of a 2 day binge of unproductivity that economists say are the least productive business days of the year. It’s #MarchMadness. We, in the healthcare industry, know that doesn’t necessarily apply to us!! Work still needs to be done, even if the Kentucky game is on (unless you are IN Kentucky anyway), which brings me to my point. When you are a traveler, you are in a new place, surrounded by FANS of teams you potentially know nothing about……. do you become a fan of the team in the area for the next few weeks?? Do you side with your co-workers and root for the local team or do you root for your bracket picks??

We are in Omaha, NE. What that means is that since neither of our in-state teams are in the tournament and we are hosting a regional, we have 8 teams that we can “root” for and watch play. #MarchMadness is different than any other sporting event because of #bracketology (i.e. office pools)!! It creates fanatics out of people who don’t watch basketball at any time other than in late March. The cool thing is, no matter where you are in the good ole USA, there are people rooting like crazy for someone. GET CRAZY!! Enjoy your surroundings, no matter where you are today!! And mostly, remember this…….. if you are a traveling medical professional, chances are good that for next year’s tournament you’ll be in a completely different place, with completely different people…… possibly cheering for a completely different team!

It pains me to say this as a Husker fan but GO @CycloneMBB !!!!

Enjoy #MarchMadness