Why We Love Nurses: You Inspire Us

It’s no secret that nurses do some of the most inspiring and difficult tasks in their everyday jobs. They take care of the sick and hold the hands of their loved ones when tough times arise. Some nurses dedicate their life to the practice and others find their calling later on. Nurses Week has recently come and gone, but we’d still like to highlight some of the most inspiring nurse stories we’ve come across because we think nurses should be praised everyday!

Going Above and Beyond for Patients

Trying to make a hospital stay feel normal is never an easy task. A small gesture to brighten a patient’s afternoon or night can make all the difference, though. The nurses of Stony Brook University Hospital in New York, NY do their best to do just that. Trying to make the patients feel less like patients and more like themselves, the nurses implemented a surprise date night for couples in the oncology unit at the hospital. They pitched in their own money for nice plates and fake flowers to bring it all together and give the patients a happy memory for their hospital stay. See the full story in this video feature.

The Singing Nurse

What do you get when you combine a music degree with an RN? A singing nurse named Jared Axen. By crossing his love for music with the joy he gets from helping others, Axen connects with his patients on a deeper level and even helps them soothe the pain. Patients say the music brings a little something extra to their day when Jared comes around. We know we’d love hearing a little Frank Sinatra as a patient of his! Listen to the joy he brings in the video in this article.

It’s Never Too Late to Find Your Calling

After attending the police academy and working as an officer for over a decade, you might think that’s where one would spend the rest of their working years. Not for Patrick Joyce. Finding his work on the force fulfilling, Joyce still felt like it wasn’t everything he had been looking for. He had many interactions with hospital staff members working as an officer and would admire their work.

“The professionalism, courtesy and moral integrity displayed intrigued me,” he says. “I found myself wondering if I missed my calling.”

After deciding it was time for change, Joyce researched many different options in the medical field but finally decided on the Rasmussen’s nursing program. He had never felt more excited about his future in his whole life. He now works as an RN for the largest nonprofit hospital system in southwest Florida and holds several positions on different boards within his assigned unit. Thanks for inspiring us to believe that it’s never too late to change your future and help others while doing it, Patrick!

Are you a nurse that inspires? Or know someone that does? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear your story!

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