Your Introduction to the World of Healthcare Travel

So you want to learn more about healthcare travel? Perhaps you’ve heard a bit about the profession from your colleagues or encountered a healthcare traveler yourself and thought the idea sounded intriguing? Alternatively, you might already have completed a few healthcare travel assignments and you want to expand your knowledge on the field?

Before you embark on a career in healthcare travel, understand the specifics by exploring our comprehensive guide:
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Regardless of what piqued your interest initially, you’ve come in search of information to maximize your chances of success, and on this topic, there’s plenty to cover.

Did you realize, for instance, that while there are an estimated 300 healthcare staffing agencies that deal with healthcare travel, the top 39 agencies work with more than half of the travel nurses in the country? This is because finding the right agency to work with can sometimes spell the difference between a mediocre experience and a stellar one. Experienced agencies often have the best, when it comes to great opportunities, skilled recruiters, excellent job perks, etc.

Then there are the many other intricacies that will play into your success in the world of healthcare travel beyond simply finding a great staffing agency.

How well you understand the qualifications you’ll need to possess will grant you an advantage in building your resume so that you can present yourself as a competitive candidate. Knowing how the process of applying for travel positions works will help you avoid surprises and minimize the headaches associated with assembling your paperwork, filling out skills checklists, etc.

And what about managing your expectations and making the most of the healthcare travel world? You’ll need to know details like what you can expect in terms of pay, how you’ll secure housing, what you’ll gain from being a healthcare traveler, and how your personal preferences will factor into the equation.

It’s with all of this in mind that we invite you to take a look at our Definitive Guide to Healthcare Travel. If you’ve been looking for solid introduction on what you can expect from the life of a healthcare traveler, this is the place you should start. We hope it will further drive your curiosity for the profession, and we welcome you to reach out if you have any questions beyond what’s covered in the guide.