Industry Watch: Health-Related Apps in High Demand

Plan your workout, track your run, get motivated by a trainer, record your REM sleep and lose weight: all done with applications on your phone. Health apps are the handy little tools in your pocket to keep us on track and number in the hundreds of thousands and from the amount of social before-and-afters posts, they seem to be in use from just about everyone. The iPhone even comes programmed with the default Apple Health app. So, which of the 165,000 health-related apps out there are at the top of the trends list for those of us “in the know”?

Fitness Workout

Charity Miles $Free:

Running and biking for a good cause, every day! Charity Miles donates 25 cents per mile ran and 10 cents per mile biked. You don’t need to wait for the next charitable run in your city, go today! Perfect for: The health nut tech lab who lives in a bikeable town.

MapMyRun: $Free

Tell yourself you just ran around 5 miles? Well, it was really just over 4. MapMyRun gives the route you ran and tracks your activity. One step more? Log your food intake to find a balance and share your amazing run all over social. Perfect for: Staying safe on those late night runs and getting a great workout all in one.

FitStar Personal Trainer $Free

A personal trainer right on your phone. Prepared workouts are customized for you from your data and results to deliver a complete workout on your schedule. A personalized approach outside the gym. Perfect for: Keeping those abs working as hard as you do (even when you’re away from the gym).

Weight Loss Apps:

My Fitness Pal: $Free

Lose weight by acknowledging what you eat, and how much. Enter what you eat and watch the app count from its database of over 5 million foods. Perfect for: All that break room noshing you do when the head nurse brings in cupcakes. Now you’ll be able to track the carbs, calories and even protein in every last bit of frosting.

Lose It!: $Free

No crazy diet, instead a daily calorie budget, exercise tracking and little motivations to keep you on your goal. Set your goal weight, share recipes and scan the barcode of the frozen meal you just ate. Perfect for: On the go medical professionals who don’t have time for all this customized diet type stuff.

Sleeptracker Apps:

Sleepbot: $Free

Wake up happy by softly falling into consciousness at the peak time–during your lightest cycle. Sleepbot tracks the differing cycles of sleep to optimize your sleep patterns. Perfect for: Early morning schedules on what was supposed to be your day off!

Sleep Talk Recorder: $0.99

Record all of the unintelligible mutters during the night. Ever wonder what you say when you sleep? Find out. Perfect for: Weirdos. This is for weirdos.

Lifestyle Apps:

Lumosity: $Free

Recharge your brain by playing games developed by neuroscientists. Work on memory, problem solving, attention and more. Exercise your brain along with your body. Perfect for: Keeping your brilliant mind in shape and getting you through that mid-afternoon slump!

Smart Goals: $2.99

Visualize your goals and dreams into reality using Smart Goals. Check-in daily to record little steps towards a bigger goal. Learn from your daily habits and don’t give up on your dreams. Perfect for: Mapping your perfect vacation, future career or even how you’re going to take up boxing soon!

Health and ‘Appy

Apps are slowly becoming as fundamental as clothes, water and food. The power of little applications in our pockets gets more applicable and integrable every day. Can a health-related app be the little push needed for a healthier and happier you?