Improve Your Traveling Medical Resume with These Top Tips

Writing a resume is a difficult task in itself, but writing one to entice employers who hire traveling staff is on another level. The basics of resume creation are of course applicable: check your spelling, list your references, show all of your qualifications, recognitions, awards and for goodness sake, check your spelling again! The resume is how potential employers get to know you before shaking your hand. We know how stressful this can be so don’t fret; we are here to help set you apart from the competition. Here are our top tips to improve your traveling medical resume!

Show off your experience

Begin the resume with your experience. Want to show your potential employer exactly what you can offer them, not just what they can offer you? Start by listing your experience and every detail that shows a prospective employer your expertise. Include the types of facilities you’ve worked in, as well as particulars about day-to-day aspects of positions you’ve held.

Assignment length

If you’re a seasoned traveling medical professional, then you should show off the assignments you already have under your belt, or rather, yourscrub drawstring. The length of each assignment can indicate employer satisfaction with your performance and work ethic. If there was ever a contracted assignment that was cut short, be sure to indicate why. Missing your dog, Charlie, just won’t cut it! If you’re beginning the medical traveling lifestyle, show the dedication you have to your work by how long you’ve been at each of your previous jobs.

Medical Licenses, Certifications, Professional Medical Affiliations

These are the big 3 potential employers look for on traveling medical resumes. List your qualifications like these and they’ll be prominent to the recruiter reading your resume. First, make sure to provide your degrees and types of licenses.

Tip: By obtaining a license in several states, you’re more flexible and it increases how often you’ll be able to be placed.

Do you have any professional medical affiliations? List those as well! These show dedication to your medical career beyond the job hunt and that you do more than simply trek to work each day.

Get a little fancy

Nowadays, most resumes are submitted online so unfortunately you don’t have the opportunity to use that fancy card stock you bought just forresume printing. Make your resume stand out a little bit more than the others by adding a good header with larger print at the top that includesyour name, address, email, as well as phone number. If you’re currently on assignment, indicate your permanent address and a temporary one. You could use that fancy paper when giving your resume to your recruiter as well as your list of references. They’ll surely appreciate the extra effort!

You’ll grab your potential employer’s attention by listing the extent of your medical expertise and your assignment history. Experience is important, so describing where you’ve worked and what you’ve done on previous assignments is crucial. Don’t forget your medical affiliations, certifications, and licenses – these are necessary for your medical career – and list them from each state. Don’t forget to add a little bit of flare, even if it’s just in your header. And always, ALWAYS check your spelling!

Feeling a little more prepared? Good. We hope so! Revamp your resume and submit it to us to get the best traveling opportunities.