How Traveling Medical Pros Can Feel Home, Sweet Home

While the average American moves once every 5 years, we know this is not the case for traveling healthcare professionals. Moving from one space to another and trying to make it seem like home can be quite the task. Especially with all the time and dedication you’re putting in at the medical facility, lab or assisted care facility, it can be hard to find time to make your temporary place feel like home. When you’re a traveling medical professional, you should be able to come home to a space that at least feels a little like home. That’s why we’ve come up a few quick fixes to make things just a little bit cozier while you’re on assignment.

When you’re unpacking for the 5 millionth time…

The average travel assignment lasts about 13 weeks, so getting to your new place and unpacking can seem like one of the most tedious parts of the assignment. You might be thinking, I’m just going to pack all this stuff up again in the next few weeks. Wrong! Well, yes, that might be true (you could  get an extended contract, though!) BUT it’s important to think of your new space as home so you can feel comfortable there while you’re on assignment. The first step to doing this is organizing your stuff into the general area of where it will eventually be placed. It’ll make things much easier when you go to take them out of bags and boxes. By now you’ve probably got this down to a science. Allow us to add a couple of things to your routine.

Decorate all the things (carefully)

Decorations and wall pieces are what can make a home feel like your own. Even though you may be leaving in a few weeks it’s still important to hang your favorite pieces. The Command Hooks are your best friend. These are easy to find at any superstore for pretty cheap, easy to install and they won’t leave any marks on your wall. Also helpful are poster squares (like your teacher used to use in class!)

You can also find removable wall decals on Amazon or hang a sweet tapestry (like these from Urban Outfitters) to add some color and coziness to any room. Want to see your loved ones faces to help the homesickness? Make a gallery wall! You can find cheap frames at the thrift store along with other great pieces to add some flare. If you don’t have that many photos and don’t feel like spending the money to get more printed, there are great sites online that offer free printables for gallery walls specifically!

Make it Cozy

Try some familiar throws (easy to pack and always great for chilling in front of the TV at night) and pillow covers (because you’re already traveling with your favorite sleeping pillow, who needs to carry sofa pillows too?)

Consider Scent

Home sprays, candles and your favorite cleaner can all make any place feel like home. Whether it’s Lemon Pledge or a berry scented candle, keep your favorite scents nearby (they don’t take up too much room in the suitcase or you can buy them when you arrive)!

Switch it up

If your contract gets extended or even if you just get sick of the same things all too easily (good thing you became a travel health care professional!) you can switch things up in a couple different ways. Grab some chair pads to give your dining room a new look. You can also find some great room partitions on Amazon or even the local thrift shop to give the room a little bit of pizazz!

Along with these tips, be sure the products or materials you use are the ones that you love and make it feel like your own space and most importantly, home. There’s nothing more distracting on assignment than feeling homesick but cozying up your temporary home can be just the anecdote you need to avoid this while traveling and doing what you love!

Do you have some quick tips to make your new space cozy? What have you done in the past? Let us know!