​How to Develop Your Career While Being a Traveler

Bouncing around from one assignment to another as a traveling healthcare professional can be exhilarating. Among the new people and beautiful sights it may seem like you’re stagnating in your career development. Of course, the experience is enough to make any other healthcare professional seethe with jealousy, but are you doing everything you can to optimize your professional development? Although it might seem difficult as you jump from assignment to assignment, we have some tips on how to grow into an exceptional professional!

Be Outstanding

Employers want to see your reliable and trusted professionalism, and there’s no better way to do that than through working with several different facilities as you grow. You’ll have the advantage when you transfer this trait from one environment to the next. In combination with the skills you accumulate with each new assignment, employers will be more than happy to have you on their staff, even if it is only temporary.

Instead of a mug or a shot glass from your next assignment, why not ask for a recommendation letter as a souvenir? If your assignment went well and your employer asked to extend your contract, you’ve impressed leadership and created a professional contact. Well, you can still get the mug, but a recommendation letter will help build and develop your career more than a mug. Not only will you be able to say you have the experience but you’ll also have the letter to backup your good work.

Take in All Types of Assignments

Expand your horizons with every assignment by accepting something a little different each time. Test your skills in a smaller facility that requires you to work across specialties or absorb some more knowledge in a cutting-edge hospital at the center of a metropolis. The most important thing to remember as a traveling professional is to keep an open mind and stay flexible.

The goal is to become a well-rounded professional with a malleable set of skills. You’ll be able to help a unit and really serve as an important asset to the team from the beginning if you’re able to adjust quickly. Don’t get stuck in the ways of the last facility because each new place has varying sets of procedures and policies to adhere to; it’ll be much more difficult to help right away if you’re unable to alter your current practices. As you accept different assignments, you’ll adapt to the challenging environments. Bringing this quality to the table will give you a professional advantage during any job interview for a temporary healthcare position.

Always Stay Connected

No matter where you are, make it a point to stay connected. Fostering these connections can help build your career and alert you to future opportunities. Maintaining a network of contacts is a professional move that will help you develop, so keep in contact with the friends and acquaintances you’ve made on each assignment. Use LinkedIn is an essential tool; you can connect with potential employers as well as stay up to date on the latest news in your field by joining different groups that are applicable to your career.

Taking the extensive amount of experience you acquire as a traveler and matching it with your skills and contacts, you will surely be able to take your career to new heights. As a traveling healthcare professional, you will be able to bring more to the table than a majority of the others in your field. Tell us what you think! What are some good ways to develop your career while on the road?