Traveling Healthcare Professional & Relationship, Will it Work?

Relationships are hard work. Communication, trust, and everything in between is necessary for a relationship, but living across the country from your significant other can make things even harder. As a traveling healthcare professional, you may be all too familiar with this problem and the fact that you’re scheduling Skype dates and accommodating time zones isn’t exactly ideal. But I love what I do, the great experiences I have and my significant other! We understand, don’t worry. So we’ve gathered some tips on how to be a traveling healthcare professional and have a relationship too:

It’s not forever…

The assignment, that is! Most likely, your assignment will only last about 13 weeks. It can be extended, however, depending on the level of support needed by the facility you’re currently working with. That’s only a few short months without each other, so don’t fret. You’re certainly able to have visitors come join you, too! Pick a weekend for your significant other to come out so you can reconnect and see the sites together in the middle of your assignment. Remember, distance makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Be picky

You’re allowed to be as picky as you like when it comes to choosing your assignments. Accept them often, accept them rarely, it’s your decision. Your significant other is a math teacher? Well, you can accept assignments during the summer so they’ll be able to join you during their summer vacation. Or if you know what seasons are the busiest for your significant other, select assignments that coordinate with your schedules and give you both the same time off!

Bring a tag-along

Don’t want to leave your significant other behind? Bring them with you! Staffing agencies like Triage have the ability to work with you to find housing that will accommodate you and your loved one. This is a great way to grow closer and take the road less traveled together. When it comes to making the decision to bring someone along with you, there a few options to consider:

Your significant other already works from home or is retired. Well, this is an easy one. Of course, bring them along! As you get experience in new places and gain knowledge, they’ll be with you every step of the way. There’s nothing like having a constant support system there with you!

Your significant other has a career that transitions well. This will take some extra time and preparation. Some careers that would be applicable include freelance writers, consultants, web-based business owners and many more. Chat with your significant other about what options they would have as they tagged along with you and if it would be a viable option for them or not. Communication is key, people!

Your significant other would have to quit their current position. This is a difficult one as it will impact both of you and your careers. Communicate what will be best for the both of you. Whether your significant other plans to stay home or continue to work when you reach your destination, there are many factors that need to be decided. Finding a job in town or switching careers is a prominent life choice. But either way, you two will be okay! A little change is always good, so use some creative planning and you will surely overcome.

No matter what the conclusion, whether you bring a tag along or coordinate your assignments with your significant other’s schedule, it will be a rewarding experience for the both of you. Getting the opportunity to travel with your significant other and share new experiences together will certainly bring you closer together. We know you love what you do too, so you don’t have to choose. You can have both!