Find the Perfect Gift for Your Favorite Travel Medical Pro This Holiday

The holidays are swiftly approaching and it’s time to start thinking about what gifts to give to our loved ones. Struggling to decide what the medical traveler in your life needs?  Don’t know what to tell your friends and family when they ask for gift ideas? Take this quick quiz to point you in the right direction!

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1. Does the traveler in your life love the outdoors?

  1. Yes, rain or shine, they can’t get enough fresh air! (1)
  2. They like to take leisurely walks and enjoy nice weather. (3)
  3. If outdoors means being on a patio with drink in their hand, then sure. (2)
  4. No, they only go outside when it’s necessary. (4)

2. What does your traveler like to do in their spare time?

  1. Explore the trails, parks and nearby outdoor life. (1)
  2. Explore the town’s history by visiting a landmark or museum. (3)
  3. Hang out with new friends and grab a bite to eat and a drink at a local bar and grill. (2)
  4. Curl up with a good book or catch up on their favorite tv shows (4).

  3. What type of personality does your traveling medical professional friend have?

  1. An Entertainer (2)
  2. An Introvert (4)
  3. A Creative Soul (3)
  4. An Adventurist (1)

4. Where does your medical professional like to travel to on assignments?

  1. A big city where there is always something exciting to do. (2)
  2. A town near mountains or a large state park. (1)
  3. A cozy rural or less populated area where life moves a little slower. (4)
  4. Locale with history where there is so much to learn. (3)

5. What is your traveler’s favorite season?

  1. Summer (2)
  2. Winter (4)
  3. Spring (1)
  4. Fall (3)

6. Does the medical professional in your life like trying new foods?

  1. Absolutely, they will try anything! (2)
  2. They’re open minded, but aren’t going to try everything. (1)
  3. No, they’re a picky eater! (3)
  4. They’d rather eat what they know. (4)

7. How does your traveler find out about hot spots in their new city?

  1. Trip Advisor (3)
  2. A coworker or new friend (2)
  3. Google (4)
  4. Speak with locals (1)

8. What is their favorite lazy day activity?

  1. Hitting the beach (3)
  2. Drinking a beer (2)
  3. Some peace and quiet with a good book (4)
  4. Hitting the trails solo or with friends (1)

Result Shown Based on Answer:

(1) The Adventurist: Your friend is on their feet all the time exploring the outdoors and working long shifts at their medical facility. Get your traveler some cozy socks with a fun design and a comfy pair of shoes that they can wear on their feet during a long shift.

(2) The Social Butterfly: Let’s be real, who needs coffee more than medical professionals? This to-go-customizable coffee travel mug is perfect for that coffee lover in your life. Or if you know a nurse who likes to WINE down, get them the perfect wine glass to help them de-stress after a long shift!

(3) A Creative Mind: This heart-skipped-a-beat EKG necklace is perfect for any medical professional who is proud of their profession. Also, these fun badge reels are the perfect add on gift.

(4) The Thinker: If there is one thing medical pros need outside of their long shifts at medical facilities, it’s sleep. This special Do Not Disturb sign is perfect for a medical pro who needs to catch precious Z’s. Also, get them the perfect book to read during their downtime that they can totally relate to!