Travel Assignment: How to Find a Perfect Home

The place you call “home” while on assignment can be as important as the assignment itself. But finding that safe, clean and comfortable rental can be an added stress that weighs on the minds of even the most experienced travelers. There’s the cost, the location, the fees…the list goes on. That’s why we’ve compiled these 8 tips for painlessly securing your housing while on travel assignment.

  • Location. Proximity. to your work location can save time and headaches. We recommend choosing a place within a ten-mile radius of the hospital or facility, with access (if needed) to public transportation. However, safety is the utmost priority. Choosing a safer place a few miles down the road could be the better option. Google Map your possible location to see the optimal routes and travel times to your facility.
  • Map the Neighborhoods. Not all neighborhoods are created equal. There is a “neighborhood map” for almost every large city on the web. A quick Google search can find out the local name of your neighborhood and what the vibe is like. Are there a lot of bars, yoga studios and shopping? Is the neighborhood full of young families? The neighborhood you choose can make a difference in how you spend your free time.
  • What’s Included? Does the rental come furnished? What about cable, internet, utilities? Do they each require a separate set up the first week? All good questions to ask before getting handed the key. Each traveler has different wants and needs, and we want to make sure yours are met! Learning there is no washer or dryer in the building is not something you want to learn about after your bags are unpacked.

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  • Get Appy.What a great decade to be a travel medical pro! There are countless apps and websites for travel, lodging, storage, navigation and the like.. Take advantage of services like Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, FlipKey, Roomorama, Waze,, and Couchsurfing. Want to read up on the city in general? Don’t forget about Yelp, City Data, TripAdvisor and Lonely Plant.

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  • Think About Fiddo. Your furry travel buddy is along for the ride no matter what. Confirming a pet-friendly policy is a must-ask as early as possible. Never assume about pet policies, as many units may charge additional fees OR don’t allow them at all.
  • Expect the Unexpected. You have chosen a life of a travel medical professional, so you aren’t new to surprises. You can’t always anticipate every event that is going to happen on a new move, but you can at least be prepared for the most likely scenarios.
  • Rental Prices. The cost of your rental can change depending on the season. Visiting a popular spring break location? A ski town? Consider the months and/or season you’ll be on assignment in the location to gauge your budget accurately. The price could have changed from original booking price to current price.
  • Fees & Deposits. Have you read up on the extra fees? With short-term rentals there can be cleaning fees, security deposits, parking, utilities, wifi, pet fees, etc. Always ask before signing on the dotted line.
  • Avoid the Scam. Beware of the dreaded housing scam. Stay vigilant to any questionable information or sites. If you feel uncomfortable, it’s a good sign you should think twice before jumping in with both feet.
  • Too good to be true? Yep.
  • You should never have to wire money.
  • Asking for too much financial information? Red Flag!
  • Bad grammar, spelling mistakes? Most scams are poorly written. Go figure.
  • If there is a number listed, call to make sure a human answers.

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  • Network. Ask around to friends, family and coworkers for any referrals in the new city. Even if it’s just a connection on Facebook, or a restaurant recommendation, having a trusted source in your new city can make it feel less unknown. Who knows, you may even make a new friend…or better yet, a roommate!

A Place to Call Home

One of your best resources will be the staffing agency you work with. Depending on the level of support, some agencies will cover 100% of the housing issue, while some may leave you out on your own. The good news? We have your back. Triage will always do its best to provide clean, comfortable and safe housing for all assignments. We are the asset in your corner! Search allied and travel nurse jobs to become part of the Triage family today.