Why the travel location you want may not always be the best fit . . .

Many healthcare travelers aspire to work at hospitals located in their dream travel destination.  After accepting a position in said location you think your dreams have come true only to find out the position is not what you imagined.  Let’s not kid ourselves, location is important.  However, working at a great hospital, in a position that fits your skills, with a supportive staff, will trump any location destination.  So how do you know your dream location is the right job?  The first step is working with a recruiter that takes time to listen and develop a clear vision of what you are looking for in a contract:  shift, setting, case load, management.  There is soooo much more than location!

Travelers over the years have told me, “my recruiter keeps pitching me jobs in locations I don’t want.”  If this happens and your recruiter can’t provide details of why that assignment is a better fit than the location you desire FIND A NEW RECRUITER.  However, a good recruiter will present facts for why the job opportunity in a different location may be a better fit.  A good recruiter should outline the key features of that job, such as the facility is traveler friendly, welcomes first time travelers, has opportunities to cross-train, or has a great management with a positive working atmosphere.

Years ago I placed a traveler at a hospital in Bullhead City, AZ.  Previously the individual had told me their dream location was in Georgia.  We had jobs in that area although after listening to her I realized these jobs were not good matches.  I then presented the idea of going to Arizona citing the positive attributes of working at this facility.  I also explained the shift was exactly what she was looking for and that the hospital had a great reputation for working with contract staff and first time travelers.  My traveler trusted my judgment and went to Arizona.  After working a 13-week contract, and extending for another 13-weeks, my traveler accepted a full-time position in Bullhead City, AZ.  She is working there to this day.

In closing, we want to listen and educate folks we are talking to about jobs.  The ultimate goal is finding the best fit, regardless of the location!