The 5 Benefits of Becoming a Travel Nurse

Being a travel nurse has many attractive benefits over finding a permanent home at a hospital. Nurses are heroes and in high-demand not only in the United States, but throughout the world. For a nurse that has the desire to travel and earn a great salary, becoming a professional travel nurse is the way to go. Of the hospitals and medical facilities that rely on travel nurses to fill spots, they see travel nursing as a way to bring in new expertise and energy that might be lacking in their facilities.

Travel Nurses Get To Travel The Country

Traveling is one of the biggest reasons nurses decide to become travel nurses. If you want to see the world, there is no better way than becoming a travel nurse and looking for work in the areas you would like to see. We at Triage always have allied and travel nurse jobs for anyone in the traveling medical field.

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Travel Nurses Combat Burnout

Since travelers are fresh to a facility and because they often help alleviate understaffed facilities, traveling healthcare professionals do a lot when it comes to helping their peers fight nurse burnout. When hospitals have low staffing levels it causes burnout, which can be directly related to high turnover rates and quality of care to decrease.

Travel Nurses Inspire Others

Most traveling nurses have a pretty exciting job! They get to travel the country, experience new places and people all while getting paid. They also work in a pretty unpredictable field that is constantly changing, so their stories are the best! The fact that you can travel for your job and pretty much choose the location you work is inspiring in today’s “gig economy.”

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Travel Nurses Remain Flexible

Traveling Nurses tend to be very flexible when it comes to their work environment. It takes a lot of flexibility in order to move from clinic to clinic and hit the ground running without missing a step or without patients being affected. Travel Nurses make a positive impact because of their flexibility on the job and ability to take time away for important events in their lives. Want to travel to another country and take a sabbatical? Travel nurses can take a break and do that. Even better, Triage travel nurses will have a great new contract to come home to and don’t have to give up their benefits to do so!

Travel Nurses Receive Great Pay & Benefits

Money is one of the main reasons to become a traveling nurse. Travel nurses, make considerably more money than their full-time counterparts. The hourly wages tend to be higher for a traveling nurse, and when combined with overtime or penalty rates the earnings can become pretty substantial. Pay, bonuses and any other calculations are performed by the traveling nurse agency and are therefore much more effectively managed. Compensation is one of the main reasons students and those nearing retirement choose to be traveling nurses.

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The benefits of becoming a traveling nurse are great- due to the flexibility, earning potential and the overall need for traveling nurses today. Employment of registered nurses is projected to grow 16% from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. You can earn a lot of money, make a lot of friends and see the world all at the same time when you choose to be a travel nurse.

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