Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid of a Travel Assignment

You’ve debated the idea of traveling as a healthcare professional, but your concerns have left you wavering with the idea. The possibility of ending up in an assignment you hate is certainly one of these concerns. We know what you’re thinking, I’m going to hate this small town.There’s nothing to do in the Midwest. What if the staff at my new facility hates me? (Don’t worry, they’ll love you!) But even though these are valid concerns, here’s a little reassurance for you that you’re making the right decision.

You’re there to help

Let’s tackle the worry about the staff not liking you, first. Travel healthcare professionals are there to help facilities fill positions and supplement departments that may need extra help. So, of course, they’re going to like you! You’re there to help them out and their previously overworked staff will surely appreciate it. We recommend giving yourself some time to focus on the work and become acquainted with the facility when you first arrive to be most efficient with the time you have there, that way they’ll like you even more!

Living life 13 weeks at a time

Most travel assignments last somewhere around 13 weeks, so as a traveling healthcare professional you’ll be living life on a rotating timeline of about 3 months. Sounds intriguing, right? What does 13 weeks on assignment look like? Here’s a little glimpse:

Week 1– Excitement/Introductions: You’re trying to figure out your way around and get through your orientation without forgetting everyone’s names. Your first week will fly by.

Week 2 to 4 – Learning the Ropes: You’ve figured out everyone’s name and now you’re learning what procedures, protocols, and little quirks the facility has. Everyone is different when it comes to picking up on these aspects.

Week 4 to 6 – Getting Into the Groove: Around this time you’ll be able to slow down and say hi since you’ve figured out where everything goes and the names of people on your floor.

Week 6 to 10 – Take a Look Around: Now’s the time to get out and enjoy yourself! You’re not as exhausted as you were in the beginning and your time off is your own so go ahead and take in the sites of the city.

Week 10 to 13 – Those Days Flew By: The assignment is coming to an end and you have no idea where the weeks went. You’re sad to leave but excited for your next adventure!

The thoughts of not liking your new location will never even have time to enter your brain as you make your way around the country and gain experience from one assignment to another. And even if they did pop up in your thoughts once or twice, you’ll never be more than 13 weeks from a new assignment or from a much needed break after back-to-back rotations.

Don’t worry, be happy

So you may have accepted an assignment where you’ve heard great things about the facility you’ll be working but you have never even heard of the town you’ll be living. There is no reason to worry! All you have to do is get out and enjoy being in a new city. Use apps like Localeur and Zomato to find the places with the best grub and hang out with locals to get the low down on the coolest spots to be. Ask around and see if there are any other travelers in your facility, make friends and take a weekend adventure to see the sights! If you don’t try, then you could never know how much you might love that quaint little town you’ve been placed in.

Make the most of each and every assignment and you will definitely have stories for your friends and experiences you’ll want to share with other travelers! You could be telling some great stories about your travel days to your grandkids one day about how you went around and did the job you loved all over the country and had a great time, but you have to make those stories first! So what are you waiting for? Do you already have an epic story about one of the best travel assignments ever? Let us know!