9 Apps Every Traveling Nurse Needs To Know About

Being a nurse can be a very trying profession. Sometimes you need all the help you can get. There are numerous apps that help take some of the pressure off. Better yet, you might learn a thing or two. Here are our top 9 app picks for every area!

Nurses Pocket Guide

The Nurses Pocket guide is an app that helps nurses assess patients and determine proper diagnosis all while at patient’s bedside. This app will allow you to arrange by priority, definitions for every diagnosis, outcomes, risks, and actions. While it’s no substitute for a seasoned nurse, life at a new hospital can bring all kinds of self-doubts, don’t let your diagnosis be one of them!

Skyscape Nursing Constellation

When you are in a rush and have no time to get to a computer, Skyscape Nursing Constellation is the all in one, convenient app that you need to have. This app is everything you need all in one touch. The app includes:

  • David’s Drug Guide for Nurses with a built in drug dosing calculator
  • The Medical Letter’s Adverse Drug Interactions Tool
  • RNotes®: Nurse’s Clinical Pocket Guide, Skyscape Labs°™
  • MobileDDx™ – Differential Diagnosis Tool
  • MedBeat – Skyscape Medical Alerts
  • Skyscape Calculator PLUS°™ Medical Calculator
  • ICD-9-CM Coding Tool.

Wow! While not the least expensive solution, it’s really comprehensive and constantly updated. The chat feature makes it a snap to get a second opinion and when you’re a traveling nurse, that can come in very handy before you’ve found your floor mentor. For less than $100 you can nab it for both Android and iPhone devices. Wait! Take a quick break and download now!

Shift Planning

Shift Planning, whether you have an Andriod or an  iPhone, is an especially great app for those who travel because when you are traveling all over, it’s not uncommon that your shifts will change location to location. With this app, it will allow you to manage tasks, keep track of your schedule and even will send you reminders! Never miss a shift or come in four hours early again!

Epocrates RX

Epocrate sRX offers numerous medical references that range from interactions to drugs to pill identification. You can read black box warnings, pregnancy risks, DEA/FDA status and the approximate retail price. Use this app to discuss medications with patients or to ensure that pink pill will actually work with the blue one (that used to be green).


Traveling can make it especially difficult to stay on top of you continued education credits. This seamless app offers a huge inventory of program of a variety of formats. Yes, believe it! Now you can compile your education credits all at your leisure! While Triage offers continuing education credits and even helps you with resources to study, keeping track of them can be a chore. Use this and compare notes with your medical recruitment team no matter where you are!

MediBabble Translator

Chances are, you’ll run into someone who doesn’t speak English especially at a healthcare facility. Language no longer has to be a barrier! MediBabble will allow you to translate to those who don’t speak English and help get urgent medical needs communicated effectively. Win-win! A medical translation tool that aids in history taking and physical examinations? Umm…yeah!


One of the biggest issues we hear about when it comes to traveling nurses is it can be lonely. AllNurses is a social network app that is dedicated solely for nurses to create a sense of community. Even if you are still a student or seasoned in your career, you can now can give advice, get advice, support others and stay updated on the latest news relevant to your profession. Find your crew!


If you have ever worked in healthcare you know first hand that HIPAA laws have gray areas. You also know that everything with patient information has to be secure. This Hipaa-compliant text messaging tool has a FaceTime-like feature that will allow providers to give accurate consultation and patient assessments. This easy-to-use app complies with regulations.

Tiny Tastes

This app is dedicated to pediatric nurses who aim in helping children eat better. Tiny Tastes inspires children with a loss of appetite to eat along with the app. Better yet, it will allow you to track a patient’s food intake.

Try out these apps now and begin to make your traveling life smoother! Not a traveling nurse? Check out the latest job openings all across the United States! Apply now, download your apps, get traveling and most importantly continue to do what you do best, help people.