8 Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Travel Assignment

As you find yourself going from one travel assignment to another, preparation becomes something of habit. You say yes to the assignment, pack your bags, grab your cat, and your lab coat then hit the road. Even within those habits, though, you want to make sure not to forget the important questions that should be asked before every assignment. There may be questions for your recruiter and for the facility itself, but which ones will help you cover all of your bases? We’ve put together a short list to help you nail down just about everything you’ll need to know.

For your recruiter:

What is required to bring on my first day? What is the address of the facility?

Most of the time your recruiter will receive the initial information for your assignment as they are the ones in contact with the facility to begin with. Ask what you will need to bring on the first day such as your driver’s license, any medical licenses or accreditations, and possibly a snack or two. Knowing the address will be helpful for navigational reasons, but make sure to ask about parking accommodations on the facility property!

What type of commute can I expect from my housing to the facility?

After getting the address of the facility, be sure to get your new housing arrangement too! This will help determine the commute time and maybe even your transportation method before you get there. Are you going to bike? Walk? Or drive? Typically, housing arrangements are not finalized until 7-10 days before the assignment begins so if your recruiter doesn’t have the details for you at that very moment, check back within that timeline. If grabbing your cat is part of your habitual routine for getting ready for an assignment, convey that to your recruiter as well!

What if I need help something or have questions or concerns? Who should I call?

Your recruiter will be more than happy to answer all of your questions to the best of their ability but there may be some issues they cannot handle. Recruiters will be able to give you any resources available to you while on assignment, though, to ensure your questions do not go unanswered or your concerns are not ignored.

What types of referral bonus or bonus programs do you offer?

Triage offers an awesome referral program for travelers and our recruiters would be happy to answer this question! Asking this question to your recruiter can help you better understand the company you’re working with and what types of incentives they offer. At Triage, you could receive a free Apple Watch as a part of our referral program. Pretty cool, huh?

For your facility interview:

What hours will be guaranteed/required?

Some facilities have set hours they’d like their travelers to work based on needs within the departments. Most of the time they will know beforehand so it may be beneficial to ask and get the information to be prepared for your schedule. You could be working nights on the ICU floor or there could be lack of help in the lab. It always helps to ask ahead of time!

How does the scheduling work? How do I get my schedule?

Speaking of hours, you are definitely going to want to know how to get your schedule and how often it will be put out. Almost every facility uses a different system so be sure to ask what that may be and get yourself familiar with it. Knowing how to navigate your schedule is the ultimate way to stay prepared and on top of things.

What kind of orientation will be required/offered?

Orientations can range anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days, so always ask what the orientation is like at your new place so you know what you’re in for from the beginning. Some places most likely have a different process for travelers than other employees so it’s important to ask beforehand.

Do you ever extend traveler contracts?

Going into an assignment, it’s helpful to know whether or not your contract could have the possibility of getting extended ahead of time. Ask your contact at the facility if this occurs often with other travelers or is a rarity.

Making sure to ask the right questions before each travel assignment is just like having a checklist you always look at to ensure you don’t forget something important while packing your bags (like your cat). When getting ready for your next assignment take this list so you don’t miss any vital information. Do you have any questions you would add or anything you wish you would have known before your last travel assignment? Contact Triage and let us know!