5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween on Your Traveling Assignment

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It’s October and the season of ghouls and goblins is upon us. For many, this is the BEST time of the year. The air is chilly, not freezing or blistering. The trees are on fire with golds and ambers. The craving for hot cocoa, apple cider and fun size candy bars is setting in and you’re probably on another assignment far from home. Luckily, even the most tropical of states enjoy the pumpkin spice anything craze, which means you can celebrate Halloween and all things fall, no matter where you’re living come October 31st.

Decorate Your Home

As a traveling medical professional, it might be difficult to feel connected to your temporary home. For one thing, you probably don’t have a ton of awake time relaxing within it. There’s just something about being a professional traveler that makes decorating seem almost pointless. Don’t buy in! It doesn’t take much to give your space a little personality and the effects it will have on your mood are astronomical. Pick up a few fall scented candles that will bring color and smell to your space.

Check out these home decor tips for traveling medical professionals to use year round.

Be the Best Pro on the Block

Remember which house was the best for trick or treating? Well, you don’t have to wait for your team to ask the infamous phrase to be the favorite coworker on the block. Pick a day or two in the weeks leading up to Halloween to bring a bag of treats to share with your hardworking team. And don’t feel obligated to make it candy either. Granola bars, pocket-sized notebooks, fun pens, trail mix, mini bottles of hand lotion and all those pocket-sized necessities a medical professional LIVES on. If candy seems like the best option though, bring a variety so those with allergies can participate in the fun (remember to keep those that contain allergens separate).

Read more on handling food allergies at Halloween at the Teal Pumpkin Project website or following the #TealPumpkinProject hashtag on Twitter.

Creative Costuming

If your floor allows, dress with a little holiday flair. Nowadays, scrubs have more colors and designs than you can even dream of, so there’s no way you can’t find something that suits your interests. If that would be breaking rules, look for alternatives like headbands with cat ears or witch-y striped compression socks. Even a fun new retractable badge reel could put a little more “boo” to the season.

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Costume Party and Parade

Depending on your assignment, organizing a day and time when everyone can let loose might be good for more than just your fellow coworkers. Remember, your patients might be feeling a little homesick or nostalgic for Halloweens of the past, too. Invite coworkers to wear a costume (within facility rules) and bring their favorite dish for a potluck. Invite the children of coworkers to show off their costume for a little parade that patients can view or even take part in. Parents of those who participate will love getting another wear out of this year’s garb.

Check out what Phoenix Children’s Hospital (@PhxChildrens) did to celebrate Halloween this year!

Speaking of Phoenix, want to be somewhere warm for fall? Check out these amazing medical assignments in Arizona.

Spread Cheer, Volunteer

Just because you’re on assignment far from your home doesn’t mean you have to be away from community. Many communities promote safety on Halloween by turning to trick or trunks and opening their shopping malls to kids of the area, which means dressing up and handing out candy without the worry of living in an apartment or excess leftover treats. And Halloween isn’t all about the kiddies. This time of year can be dangerous for furry friends, so check your local humane society for fundraisers or volunteering needs. Check out GreatNonprofits to easily search for volunteering opportunities close to your assignment.

There’s something all traveling medical pros know and it’s that no matter where you are, there’s a patient to be helped and friendly faces to meet. You may be on a medical assignment this October, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be filled with some fall time traditions and cheer!

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