Below are the instructions for bill timecards:

S Drive > Timecards > Work Week Folder > Bill Timecards Excel Files

Under Bill Timecards Excel Files, you will see:

  • LAB
  • RAD
  • RESP

In each folder, there’s a spreadsheet by RID.

This spreadsheet has your candidate (traveler) name, profession, recruiter, client, invoice delivery method (this is for Acctg).

To the right of the above information you will see columns labeled REG, OT, DT, OC, CB, HOL, CHARGE and OTHER.

You will need to enter your BILLABLE hours in the specific columns listed.

If your traveler DID NOT WORK – in the other column, type “DID NOT WORK”. Don’t abbreviate or say no….type “DID NOT WORK”

Once your spreadsheet is complete…you can:
Save as RID 3.8-3.14 FINAL
Save and email to [email protected]

You DO NOT need to send us your bill timecards. We will pull them from the bus.